Week 59 – In a Lifelong traffic jam

Last week I found myself stuck in the traffic. It was rush hour, and therefore I could not have expected a different scenario. For the past few years I’ve been learning to be calm when I’m driving, especially living in London, where it seems everyone rushes to everything. We can see it on the tube, streets, and buses, literally everywhere. People don’t have time to have a nice cup of coffee at the cafe, they have to order one to take away; this because they want to have a coffee at the same time as they are walking to work and have their eyes on their phones. ‘Generation non-stop’- that is what we could call ourselves!

We live through times of traffic jam, not only on the street and in public transport; but in our minds. We try to get as much information as possible without filtering it, without understanding it. We constantly fight with our reality, leaving out the opportunity to live and enjoy who we really are. The traffic jam in our minds is growing quickly and we tempted to blame everyone that is on the road with us; isn’t it true? Think about where you are now, the road you decided to walk! You don’t need to live constantly in a traffic jam. Rather, seek to know where you are and where you want to go to. I always say to my friends ‘without knowing where you are, you will never manage to get where you want to go’! One step at a time! Don’t let the rush of everyday direct you to a mental road full of traffic. Breathe and relax, you might not be able to free yourself from the road’s traffic jam, but you are surely able to free yourself from the traffic jam in your mind.

Week 25 – Am I doing the right thing?

How can I know, or when will I know, that what I’m doing is right? Does this seem a very difficult question to you? Well, this is one of the most difficult questions that I face every day!!! Among so many things I do in my life, I still have time to question if what I am doing is the right thing for me. It seems to be an issue that this generation is dealing with the most. We have so many things going on around us, such as the ever-faster internet, with news arriving to us in real time that the world seems to have become smaller over the past few decades.

We become unsure if we chose the right career, the right partner, and so on. Something in the air gets us confused about what we are doing. I spent the last few years feeling lost and uncertain, but after therapy and counselling sessions, I’ve discovered that everything I see and feel is a state of mind!!! Therefore, I discovered that what I’m doing is the right thing as long I feel peace in my heart. Things will change along the way; this is the beauty of life. We don’t know what God has reserved for us, but we know it is good. Therefore, keep doing things that make your heart and mind peaceful.