Week 56 – Stop for a moment

If you are like me, I believe you need to stop for a moment. Why? I can tell you why! I love to be involved with lots of things: I like to help the people around me, I like to run and walk with my dog, I like to play music in Church, I like to clean the house- yes I do like to clean! I like to be on the go all the time, and sometimes my energy level can easily drop dramatically. As a result, I can feel a little bit down.

Sometimes we need to stop everything we are doing and just relax. I confess that I get twitchy if I stop, but I am learning to slow things down, and focus on things that really matter to me. A few years ago, I started practising Mindfulness Meditation, using God’s word as the centre of my meditations. I can confess that I found it very difficult to stop for a moment, a very simple moment, and just breathe and appreciate everything around me. As I said, I am learning to slow things down, and I can tell you the importance of having a time of rest and doing nothing! Try this week to stop for 30 minutes a day- only 30 minutes- and do nothing. You may say “I do not have this time!” However, I tell you: find this time! Rest your body and mind, and you will see how good it is to have a moment to stop, a moment to do nothing.