Week 55 – Yes you can!

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have started this week, and this is the opportunity for those crazy for sports to see the biggest athletes in the world performing to their best in order to achieve their dream of a gold medal. I believe these athletes need to have our admiration and respect, because to be an Olympic athlete requires lots of training, dedication and determination. I was watching a documentary about a few of the English athletes this week, and I was impressed with their lifestyle and all that lay behind their motivation. As far as I understood, the majority of them go far beyond their limits to prove to themselves, and no one else, that they can do it.

However, what caught my attention was an advertisement on English TV about the Paralympic games, which says: “Yes you can”! This advertisement shows the Paralympic athletes doing the amazing things they do, but the special thing that this advert shows is ordinary disabled people doing the things that non-disabled people do every day. Like people without arms going to the petrol station to fill the tank using their legs, and a mother changing her baby using her feet. A man with short arms and tiny few fingers playing the piano. Wow, this is amazing to see: these people go beyond their limits and prove that they can do much more than we think they can, that they can live a life and enjoy it as much as anyone else. As the man says at the end of this advertisement: “we are superhuman”.

I am surprised to see the ways that humans can do more than they imagine. These Paralympic athletes are proof of the wonderful capability that God gives us even with such disabilities. I don’t know about you, but I can speak for myself: many times I think that I am not capable of achieving my dreams, because of the obstacles that I create in my own head. Many times my motivation is not to be motivated, life passes in front of my eyes and I don’t do anything to grab the opportunities given me to make what I really want to make, to really chase my dreams, to really achieve my gold medal. What is your gold medal? What do you really want to do? Is anyone telling you that you can’t make it, or are you sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts? Against everything that pushes you far away from the things you want to do in life, I would like to say: YES YOU CAN! Yes you can do it, yes you are capable, yes you are wonderful, yes God has more to give than you expect! My advice to you is: put yourself in action and let God show you what you can really do.

Week 20 – We all have limits

There are people who say that to live without limits is more pleasurable than to live a life with limits. If we look up the meaning of the word ‘limit’, we will find such definitions as: a dividing point, the border that separates one country from another, and the extreme or peak that something cannot or should not exceed. This last meaning catches my attention, because we humans have a limit which must be respected, that is, we should not exceed it.

I see people every day struggling to pass their exams in order to get an offer from a good university, and then trying to get the so-dreamed-of job, and then striving to achieve more good things for their family, and so on. All this leads many people to live as slaves to their goals and not as their owners. We would sometimes love for our days to have more than 24 hours, so that we could do more with them.  But we need rest for our body, mind and spirit. Often, we make wrong decisions because we are exhausted. We all have limits which must be observed. Just because your neighbor runs a marathon once a week, that does not mean you should do too. Everyone knows their own body, and knows how far they can go. Observe how much you are working, see if you are dedicating enough time to your family, see if you are doing physical exercise for the sake of your health. Everything, even something good, becomes detrimental to life in exaggeration or excess. Get to know yourself better, and respect your limits.

Week 3 – Love your Perfection

In my opinion, one of the most important things in life is to understand who you are. When you get to know yourself, life becomes easier to face. This is because you know your values and principles, you know what makes you happy or sad, and you know your limits, even if limits do not exist for some people. However, lately I see many people so busy living other people’s lives that they are forgetting their own life. They sometimes pretend to be someone very different just to please others, or have the illusion that their lives need to conform to what other people dictate. I know that we are living in an internet world where the speed of social media helps us to have access to what everyone else is doing, and this is when we need to focus and learn again to appreciate who we really are. Our perfection consists of understanding that we are complete within ourselves and that our beauty comes from inside and overflows into our outside image. Therefore, feel your perfection every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Life is the biggest gift you could get, and because of this you should not fight with yourself. Instead, be your own best friend, and enjoy your days loving your perfection.