Week 58 – Taking the dust off the windows

I do not know if you have many windows in your home. I have some and I confess that it is very difficult to clean the second floor windows of my house, because I first need a ladder to reach them and secondly have to stretch out my body to clean all the corners. However, while the exterior cleaning of the windows is done once or twice a year, the interior cleansing happens almost every week.

Like the windows, our lives become dusty over the days, so also need to be cleaned. Both the inside and the outside of our lives require cleaning, either weekly, monthly or yearly. Sometimes we need to stretch ourselves so that cleaning is achieved: that is, we need to give our best and do everything possible to really remove all the dirt from our windows. Our spiritual window needs daily cleaning because it connects us to our Creator. How are the windows of your life? Do they need to be cleaned? Dusting the dirt off of your windows will make you have a clear vision of the things around you. God bless you.