Hello, my name is Lia Prado and I created this blog to share my views and experience in life. Like most people, I was always looking for the perfect time to do everything, and chasing after a perfect life. To my frustration, I never achieved the perfection that I had created in my mind. I thought if I had so and so, I would be happier, or if I stayed there or here I would be better off, and this continued through all the stages of my life. I tried to control everything, always making sure things were going the way I wanted it. When I realised that I was not happy because not everything could be under my control, I started to learn to slow down and observe everything around me. From this point on, I started to face my life differently. I now appreciate who I am and everything I have. I understand that God gave us the gift of Life, and that this unique gift is complete: it is Perfect!

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