Week 61 – What is necessary is never unwise

The other day I heard someone saying this: “what is necessary is never unwise,” and I started to think about the things that are necessary for me, or rather, those things that I think are necessary for me. My mind was spinning with thoughts, trying to identify what is necessary for us humans in the 21st century, because these things should be wise, or worthy to seek and achieve. Many things came into my little head, such as: it is necessary to have security, it is necessary to have a place to live, it is necessary to have a job in order to pay out monthly expenses, and so on. However, all these are material things- what about freedom, love, acceptance, and understanding- things that touch the inside rather than outside? What is necessary? What is wise?

We are all different people, and therefore have different necessities. However, you will agree with me that we are all seeking material things to fulfil the emotional and spiritual spaces. We buy and buy and buy things, thinking that new stuff will bring happiness to our lives, even if only for a few minutes. But after a while we discover that no matter how many new things we get, our lives are still the same! Change comes from inside and not outside. We need to learn to understand what is necessary for us and leave those things that are only dead weight aside. Quantity is not quality! Have you been wise in looking for the things that are really necessary or are you looking to have more possessions for the sake of owning them and showing other people the amount of stuff you have? Life is too short: therefore start living wisely by learning to seek only the necessary. 

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