Week 60 – Close for stocktaking

Another year is about to finish and another Christmas is just around the corner. It is unbelievable how the time is passing so quickly and how things are taking shape without much thought- probably our subconscious works better than our conscious minds. This time of the year is very special because we celebrate the birth of our saviour “Jesus”: however we keep our attention on things that are not related to him at all. Consumer marketing took over our Christmas, making us “buyers” more than anything else. We spend money buying stuff for people that might not need or like it: very sad, isn’t it? We rush around the whole year consuming things that we don’t need, spending time on things that do not add anything to our lives, and having high expectations from all that’s around us.

I believe that this time of the year is the best time to slow down and reflect. A “stocktaking” moment is what we all need! We know that many companies close for stocktaking during the year to check if their products match with what is recorded in their system. We also need a moment to stop and check if what we want for our lives is matching our actions, our reality! It is so easy to be carried away by day to day duties and lose focus on our objective. Time to analyse the things we really need in life. Material things are probably the ones that we need least. Perhaps we should bring the real Christmas back, the real love for helping people, the real love of serving and not being served. My wish to you this Christmas and this New Year is that you can live fully the present that God gave you: “your life”. I hope that you and I can be less judgmental and have more empathy with all those around us, that we can help those really in need and can invest our time in things that really matter to us; and I definitely wish that we can be more like Jesus! Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone, and a beautiful 2017 full of good thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Week 60 – Close for stocktaking

  1. Hi Lia! I am training my knowledge about english language reading your blog. I hope you write more and bring more inspiration to our lives with hope and looking God!


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