Week 54 – Making the most

Last week here in London it was as hot as Brazil, it was warmer than Las Vegas. Probably all of us know that London is known for its clouds and rain, but sometimes we have the blessing of having a little sunshine too, last week was like that. The interesting thing was that everyone I met on the street were taking advantage of the heat in one way or another; people were leaving work and going straight to the parks. I was in Regent’s Park and it was packed, where I looked I saw children playing, people sunbathing and playing all sort of games; in summary they were enjoying as much they could the beautiful sunny day.

Often we do not give attention to the simple things in our lives. Unfortunately, the routine blinds us, and as result, we can be stagnated and unfocused. We do not take time to enjoy what we have in our hands, thinking that only those things that we do not have can be enjoyable. I will try to be clear; often our focus is on the things that we want to have instead on the things we have, and the result is that we do not make the most of things that really matter to us. What do you have today that you can make the most? Maybe it is your bicycle, which is discarded in your garage waiting for a ride, or even the shoes you left aside, is waiting for you for a nice walk. We have many things around us that can be pleasing, but the time is now and not tomorrow. Just so you understand, this week is raining here in London, there is no way to enjoy the sun from last week, it is in the past, but we have this week light showers, which we should be grateful for. Enjoy what you have; your little can be a lot for someone! God bless you.


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