Week 52 – What can you do in a year?

I am very happy today. This is my week 52, completing one year of writing this blog, and sharing my thoughts about life in general. I am blessed to have this opportunity where I have a space to share a little bit about what I’ve been learning in life. As I always say to everyone, the best university in the world is life and the highest certificate you can get is your experience.

I don’t know about you, but for me a year passed just like a week. I really don’t know where the year went. Many things happened around the world, many things happened around me. Writing through this whole year helped me to observe my thoughts more, because I do think a lot. It also helped me to express these thoughts through words. I wrote my blogs in different places in the world, in different situations. Sometimes I really wanted to write but sometimes I wrote just for the sake of writing. And some things I wrote and decided to leave on the side for a while and I still haven’t published yet. Surely I will publish them!

It is very funny how our minds work and how unexpected circumstances can really change the way we are feeling and thinking. We can do so much in a year. So many things and people can pass through our lives. God can use our lives considerably in one year. These things all depend on how we are acting from day to day. What have you done in a year? I invite you to have a moment of reflection and see how much God gave you. Think about everything, the good things and bad things. I hope that you can be grateful for all you’ve experienced in the last year. God bless you all and let’s keep having good thoughts!

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