Week 51 – How are you?

It is the predictable question everyone asks us when they see us. One thing that I did not understand when I first moved to London, 12 years ago, was the answer that English people used to give to this question: “not too bad!” I could not get this answer, because to me this used to sound and still sounds negative. It is the same, in my opinion, as saying “it could be better.” We can give all sort of answers to this question, it all depends on how we are facing our day. However, the majority of us choose to answer in the simplest way: “I am ok thanks.”

Sometimes we are not ok, but it seems that we need to show and shout to the world the opposite of what we feel. Why is that? Because we’re living in a world in which people prefer to live in their day-dream rather than face their reality. Some people prefer to enter into debts in order to drive a new car. Lots of people pretend that their family is the perfect one, but between themselves their lives are like a hell. The majority of us do not want to face the truth. To understand who and how we really are. Next time, when someone asks you the magic question: “how are you,” do not rush to give an answer. If you are not ok, try to understand why you are not ok. It is ok not to be ok! If you don’t want to discuss it with this person, don’t worry about it, but try later on to speak to someone else that you trust about your feelings. Or even better, speak to God. Spend a few minutes in silence with him, because He really cares how you are.

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