Week 50 – Observe what you are doing

We live our lives in a hurry these days. We cannot stop; otherwise we might miss out on something. You have to be on top of everything that is happening, not what is only around you, but what is happening in the world. In fashion, in football, in politics, in business, gossip, technology and so on. Our eyes are everywhere, looking for something that pleases us. And with all this information and the speed at which we are living, we may be leaving out important things from our lives.

Do you observe what you do in your day? From getting up in the morning to the time you go to bed in the evening? Do you observe your behaviour with people around you, especially those you love, or you think you love? Do you observe the way you treat your children? You’re giving them love and attention- or are you just treating them like any other possession, manipulating them the way you want?! Do you notice the way your behaviour speaks to your employees or bosses? Are you giving them real value?

Have you ever observed whether you’re only hearing those around you, or if you are really listening to them? The beginning of any change begins with the recognition of the need for change, it’s very simple. Take a moment and observe what you are doing with yourself and with the people by your side. If something needs to be changed, do it as soon as possible. Learn to recognise your faults and qualities through daily observation.

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