Week 48 – Motivation

Have you heard it said that: “motivation is what makes us get out of bed every day”? I believe that this is true; however we can have the wrong motivations. We can get up every day with different motivations: for example, if we are having an exam at school, we can get up in the morning very anxious, worrying about our performance, while at the same time the motivation to pass this exam is what puts together all the emotions and actions under our control. We can get up thinking about our job that we don’t enjoy like we used to. In this case our motivation can either be focussed on finding a new job, or even starting our own business, or we can accept the fact that this job is not really what we want, but we have lots of opportunities by being part of it (also the financial side helps).

We can have a wrong motivation by simply getting up every day and having a lot to do. In our minds we are super busy, and we need to do as much as possible. Our motivation is to see all the items on the list ticked off by the end of the day. This can be a wrong motivation, because it puts you under pressure by being busy all the time, while in reality you might not be being really productive. We need to have a time to reflect and discover what motivates us. We can live our lives fully if we understand what is behind our desires and dreams. What motivates you every day?  Family? Work? Friends? Love? We can often feel demotivated, but we need to remember that our great motivation is God. He is the main reason for our existence; he knows what goes on in our hearts and minds. Be motivated by God and you will see everything around you being transformed by his power. “Being motivated by God inspires me to be more like him” (Lia Prado)

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