Week 47 – Dealing with the root of the problem

Surely you’ve had a headache, or pain in any part of your body. Many people prefer to bear the pain and avoid drugs. Other people try taking drugs to relieve their pain. Sometimes the pain goes away, but unfortunately comes back because the symptom of the pain was treated, but the real problem remains rooted in them. Some problems are notorious and obvious, for example dehydration, where you may have severe headaches for not taking in the correct amount of water for your body. Or with your stomach, if you eat something that did not go down well, a pain can come as a sign of disapproval. However, there are other problems that are more difficult to diagnose, and for these advanced tests need to be done to find the root of the problem.

In our emotional lives there are also problems that can cause pain. These pains need to be cared for, but not only as symptoms. We need to find the root of the problem so that we can deal with it, and thus end the pain that torments us. This pain can be caused by hurt and resentment towards a person, and in this case you need to release forgiveness for your pain to disappear. Nelson Mandela said: “Having resentment against someone is like drinking poison and thinking it will kill your enemy.” All that we sow we will harvest also. Everything we create within ourselves will stay with us.

Sometimes we can have the pain of envy, wanting to be better than others, or to have more than others. In this case, we must learn to appreciate what we have and what we are. Sometimes we can have the pain of pride, and in this case we need to learn that alone we will often not get to where we want, and need to understand that sometimes we need to extend our hands and accept the help of people next to us. We have to understand that all our knowledge, certificates and positions do not make us better people, but rather prepare us to live in harmony with everyone and everything around us. I do not know what your pain is, but I can say from my heart and experience, do not just treat the symptoms! Go to the root of your pain and take it away, so that it does not destroy your mind and your heart.

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