Week 42 – Playing snooker

Have you ever played snooker? Some people call it pool as well. Professional snooker has a large table that measures 12 x 6 ft. I love to watch professional snooker players participating in a tournament, because each shot is well prepared and carefully studied, since the player aims not only to hit the ball that is near the pocket, but also to position the balls for the next shots. And if an error occurs, the player may lose the game because the opponent will have the chance to get into the game and win it.

Our lives often can be similar to a game of snooker. If we do not take the right decisions, we may need to wait for another opportunity. And everything we do has consequences, so we cannot afford to look only at the ball that is near the pocket, which stands for the situations we are facing right now. We have to think carefully about future situations that may happen because of our present actions, which in the snooker metaphor is to position the balls for future shots.  Sometimes your decision is not to decide! However, do not forget that not deciding can also be a decision! May we examine our lives day by day and ask God to help us to make the right choices. We can also ask God for clarity in order to hit the right ball at the right time in order to proceed to the future balls.

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