Week 40 – The importance of saying NO

I find it very hard to say no, and so often, I suffer because I say yes to everything and everyone. Sometimes I believe I say yes because I do not want miss out on anything that is happening around me, sometimes I say yes only because I want to be kind, and sometimes because I cannot really say no. Of course, often I say yes because I really mean it. If you keep saying yes, like I do, to everything and everyone, what does your NO mean? Did you ever stop to think about this? Maybe your NO does not mean much!

Often we think it selfish of us to say no. How can we say no when it is for the children, for the boss, for the church or community, family or friends? I understand that we need to help everyone around us, but sometimes saying yes to everything, means we are saying no to ourselves. Let me give an example; sometimes at work, we can keep doing overtime because we do not want to disappoint our managers. However, our constant yes to overtime means no to our family or to moments of relaxation and leisure. Even volunteering at church or in our community, by wanting to help everyone so much that we say yes to all events we can forget our own family at home. I know it is hard to say no, but we need to know to whom and what we are saying yes. If you do not teach your children the importance of NO, they will grow up believing that the YES will happen all the time, and we know that reality is different. We must learn to say NO, so that our yes can be used correctly and fully.

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