Week 38 – Dreaming again

We all have dreams, or used to have dreams. When I was young I thought I could be an astronaut by playing with my brother and sister in the garden and building a spaceship using only cardboard. Unfortunately my spaceship did not take me far away, but in my mind I was visiting different planets. I knew that I was dreaming, but I wanted to believe that the dream was real. How can you tell a child that what he or she is dreaming of is quite difficult to make happen or sometimes even impossible? We don’t stop children from dreaming. By the same principle, why do we adults and teenagers stop dreaming then? Is it because our dreams are quite difficult to make happen, or because they are impossible achieve?

I dream every day and all the time. My mind does not stop even when I am sleeping, which can sometimes be a little bit disturbing. But my point is that the girl who was building a spaceship out of cardboard a long time ago is still the same girl today. Of course, I am not building anything using cardboard, but I am using whatever God gives me in order to build my dreams. I know we live in a world in which many difficulties are pointed out to us every day; disillusion, frustration, and lack of hope can all contribute to making us dreamless. Nevertheless, we need to start dreaming again, we need to have the desire to achieve whatever God has promised to us. And we all know that God’s dream for us is not just a dream, it is reality! I hope that you can feel in your heart the longing to dream again, but not a simple dream. I hope you can start dreaming God’s dreams, and live the good reality which He has prepared for you.

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