Week 36 – Everything starts with a thought

Have you noticed that everything starts with a thought? Any thought! Our actions come from a group of thoughts developed by our desires. And our desires can be good or bad, depending on how we feed our minds. You probably have experience of situations where you do something and straight after you act, regret comes up. The regret follows on because you did not use too much thought before you acted. Your action was an impulse created by your anger, stress, frustration, or any other feeling that could distract you from doing the right thing.

That is why we need to be concerned regarding how we are feeding our minds nowadays. As everything starts with a thought, we should observe more carefully the way we are thinking, and why we are thinking this way. Which kind of books we are reading, what TV programs we are watching, our relationships, how much time we spend on the internet, how much on social media, and how much with God! I grew up listening to my mum saying: “The idle brain is the devil’s playground”. After all these years, I can understand the meaning of this saying, because I can easily feed my mind with rubbish if I do not take care, and find myself going through the motions instead focusing on the right things. It is crucial for our mental health to acknowledge our thoughts and find the roots of them. We can have a better life if we start looking after our thoughts by watching carefully everything that we put in our minds. If you can, try to monitor this week where you are spending your time, what you are watching on the TV, which books you are reading- make a note of everything. You might conclude that a few changes need to take place in order for you to have better thoughts!

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