Week 35 – Living in the present

Many times we can find ourselves lost in our thoughts, being worried about the things that are to come, or lamenting the mistakes from our past. We regret the chances we did not take, the moments we did not enjoy, the people we did not help. We move our minds to the distant future, which does not exist yet, and we imagine things we could be doing there. We see ourselves achieving our dreams. We see ourselves having those things that we always wanted. However, sometimes our mind takes us to a worrying future, where we ask what if something bad happens to us or our family? If we lose our jobs, how will we pay our bills? Our minds can become full of these thoughts, which will make us feel bad.

We need to appreciate the present moment in which we are living. I know that our past brought us here and has made a huge contribution to the things we are facing now. Nevertheless, we cannot change our past and we cannot blame it either. Our future belongs to God and we need to trust that He is in control and He will help us. Our future will be the result of our present actions. Therefore, we need to live in the present! The present is where actions are happening and right now, we are building our future. So be more aware of your present days, the things you are doing and the people you are spending time with. Try to acknowledge the things that are happening right beside you, the simple things, like stopping and listening to the birds, or pausing to look to the sky and appreciate how the clouds move around. Walk more, laugh more, help more, live more! Live in your present the best way you can.

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