Week 34 – Hope

Surely you have heard the popular saying that says: “hope is the last to die.” For me it never dies! We can see many people living without hope today. Many of these people are disillusioned with the things that are happening around them. As the financial crisis impacts the world, we see wars, robberies, diseases, unemployment, and a list of negative things that grows longer every day. With all this going on, it seems like the word hope might never have existed.

Hope helps us to be motivated to continue waiting for what we dream of. It gives us the courage to seek after our rights. It teaches us that life is much more beautiful when we have hope on our side. I know we live in times of many difficulties and it seems sometimes that all these problems will never pass away. However, instead of being negative and thinking that the problems of your life will never be solved, change your attitude by changing your thoughts. Just think like this: “At the moment everything seems difficult, but tomorrow is a new day, and there is hope for all this to be resolved.” C S Lewis left us a very important quote: “Hope is the only thing that will keep you out of despair.” Therefore, my wish is that we can always have hope! “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord!” Jeremiah 17: 7.

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