Week 30 – When things need to be said

Sometimes in life, we need to say things to some people that will probably not make them happy. We need to tell them the truth! We need to tell them how we feel about things. We need to share with them our dreams and thoughts, our fears and strengths. We need to tell them to leave, or sometimes to stay. We need to tell them that what they are doing is hurting others; we need to tell them to change for their own sake. However, no one is capable of changing if they don’t want to!

This week I had to say things to someone, and this hurt me deep inside. Just to think about it made me feel uncomfortable and sad, very sad. But I will tell you what I did: before opening my mouth, I prayed!! I asked God to guide me throughout my conversation, so that I could say wise things to lift up this person instead of putting her down. So that I could explain how I was feeling about everything without hurting her. I was crying inside because I would love it if this person could see things the way they are. I felt good after the conversation, I felt relieved, but this person is still lost! She does not know what she wants, and this is sad! Nevertheless, I have learned that sometimes things need to be said, no matter what, but that we need to ask God to help us in order not to hurt the other person with our words. We can sometimes forget things in life, but words that have hurt us stay in our mind! Be wise; think before you say anything to anyone, because your words have power to help people, and at the same time have the power to destroy them.

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