Week 29 – Miracles happen every day

A miracle can be described an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore recognised as divine intervention. As a Jesus follower, I always associate miracles with him being God. I love to read the Bible and read repeatedly about the miracles he performed in those days. This makes my mind wonder how people around him at that time reacted towards all those miracles. I believe they had the best experience of their lives! Nevertheless, don’t we experience miracles nowadays?

This week I was talking to a friend about miracles, and we agreed that we really take for granted the miracles that happen in our lives every day. Sometimes we wait for a cure for an illness, for a big change in our life, for the impossible to happen, and we believe that if all these things happen, we can call them miracles. We are so focused on these big things that we leave on the side the other miracles we experience; like waking up every day! The miracle of Life! We need to remember everything we have been through in life, and I guarantee that all of us have experienced miracles along the way. Jesus is not here physically, but he is still performing miracles in our lives, and we need to stop and see it! I hope we all can be more grateful for the things we have and be more sensitive to experience the miracles within us.

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