Week 28 – Why do we want to do everything?

Nowadays we can see lots of people suffering from FOMO “Fear Of Missing Out”. But what does it mean? With advances in technology our world has become small, continents are closer, and people are connecting in real time. Our big computers, if you are old enough to remember them in the 80’s, have changed their faces into lighter versions of themselves, and you could say that smart phones have made our virtual world  more mobile than ever!! With all these new technologies we can be connected literally 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can check out not only what your friends are up to, but also what is happening around the globe.

These technologies are helping people around the world in many ways. For me they have been a blessing, because I live far from my family and the way I minimise the longing I have for them all, is by using Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and so on. Even if I check something in real time I do have the feeling of missing out, because I am not present. I can hear them and see them, but unfortunately I cannot touch them! Therefore I understand that while we can do lot of things that we choose to do, we have our limitations. I cannot be in two countries at the same time. It was my choice to live far away from my family, and I need to understand this. We should understand that we all will miss out on something. Social media shows us a different reality: so many events, so many exhibitions, so many online courses, so many concerts, and this goes on. We can be in 10 places in one day, and it is our choice whether to suffer the fear of missing out, or to choose to stay in one place and spend quality time there. Do not let the social media and other people dictate what you should do or not do, be yourself. Try to plan the day and week ahead of you, and if things change just accept them. Be aware that your mind needs rest just like your body. Try to be far away from your phone for a few hours a day and you will discover the real world around you.

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