Week 27 – Worrying about things will not make them change

Our reality can sometimes be hard, but we need to get on with life. As people say: “we only live once”, and therefore we need to crack on!! If we only live once, we should have less time for worries and problems, but the real scenario is different, and we do find time to be worrying about every little thing. The majority of the time we spend our precious time thinking about things that will never happen. We put ourselves under pressure by involving ourselves in things that are  not related to us, by choice, or simply because we cannot say no. We stop planning for our goals because we are too busy looking at what people around us are doing, instead of concentrating on our own lives.

The good news is, we can stop for a second, take a deep breath, and regroup our thoughts in order to have a balance again. This balance can help us to start realising what is important in our lives. Sometimes we can put a lot of energy into things that we should not, such as worrying about small problems or even about the future. The first step is to accept the reality of where we are now. The second is not to live in the past, we are not museums!!! And thirdly, we should not try to guess at our future, this will just make us suffer anxiety and can lead to a high level of stress. Instead we can make notes of all the things that are bothering us, and slowly look at each one and see what we can do about them. After doing this exercise we might realise that many problems were just thoughts and not reality. “People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them” (George Bernard Shaw). Are you attaching yourself to a problem that does not exist? Where are you spending your energy? I hope that all of us can seek a life with fewer burdens by just sieving our thoughts and realising that we cannot change our past, present, or future by worrying about them. Take these burdens off your shoulders and experience a lighter way of living.

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