Week 26 – Difficult times

Everyone in the world faces difficult times. It is something that we cannot escape from, and we cannot control when or where they will happen. We cannot dictate the duration of these difficult times or even who is going to be with us in them. Sometimes it seems that one problem calls another one and everything around us makes no sense. They can be small or big, but the reality is we need them in our lives, otherwise God would not allow us to go through these remarkable moments. Remarkable because we will always remember very well the hard moments we had in life.

These difficult times teach us how to deal with life, teach us to appreciate the small things, and teach us to understand our limitations, but more than that, difficult times teach us to be humble and accept help from different people, because most of the time our money and material things cannot end our suffering. There is an expression that says “You know a person not for their actions, but for their reactions”. And I believe it is true! How are you reacting by as you face difficult times in your life? Are you moaning? Are you blaming someone else? Are you wishing your time away? What are you plans in order to continue your journey even with difficulty? I can give you a very small tip, but a very powerful one: be grateful! Look around you and be grateful for everything you have. Be grateful for the difficult moment you are facing, and take as much time as you can to learn from it- make notes, take positive actions, and be aware that one day you might be able to help someone with the same problem you are going through now. Sometimes we cannot see the reason for what you are passing through, but in the future everything will make sense. As Martin Luther King Jr. said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy.” Take time to learn more about yourself when difficult times come in your life.

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