Week 24 – The Silence

Sometimes we can get lost among the noises that surround us. We can easily forget how beautiful the silence is, and how important it is for us. We are so busy talking, listening to the TV, watching videos on YouTube, that we can feel uncomfortable when we find ourselves facing the silence. We don’t know how to deal with silence anymore, and this can be a sign that we need to learn to appreciate the silence again!

We can learn more about ourselves when we spend more time in silence. Listening to the birds, the noises of the rain, or the wind, we can empty ourselves and make room for new things. It is important to stop at least once a day and be quiet for few minutes. To take a deep breath and be grateful for everything we have. “Silence is a source of Great Strength” (Lao Tzu). Sometimes we need the silence to recompose ourselves, to have a moment of evaluation of what we are and what we want. A moment to understand what other people around us are saying, and a moment to let God talk to us. Hopefully we can all learn to spend more time with ourselves in silence without distractions, and realise how good this can be for our lives.

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