Week 15 – Decision

Every day we have decisions to make. Most of these are simple ones, like deciding what to wear in the morning to go to work, or what to have for breakfast, what to cook later for the kids, and so on. From a young age we learn to make decisions, like choosing the ice cream flavour we are going to have after eating all our dinner, or which sport we are going to practice at school. Even our parents used to teach us to make decisions when they told us “you have to choose either of these”.

We learn that life is about decisions, and we also learn that if we don’t make our own decisions someone else will come and make it for us. And every time this happens it means we are putting our lives in other people’s hands, because we are not acting ourselves,  only reacting. This means that we are afraid of being responsible for the consequences that our decisions bring to us. I believe we all make bad and good decisions every day, and this is normal. Probably it is time for us to be brave enough to take responsibility for the consequences of our choices and stop blaming other people for the delays we make to our own happiness. “The decisions you make are a choice of values that reflect your life in every way” (Alice Waters). Are you following your values? Are you looking for the things that really matter to you whenever you face  a decision? If not, the good news is that you can decide to change this, and start to make decisions that will lead you to a peaceful heart at and mind.

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