Week 14 – Tidy your drawer

This week, as I was separating some documents and looking for specific ones, I realised how full my drawers were. Full of stuff that should not be there, full of papers that could be in the bin. In the rush of everyday life, it is easier to put all the papers in the drawer than to spend time separating and organising them. And this helps us to have less visual pollution on the table. However, in the long run this ‘quick’ solution can be illusory, for later this can cause more trouble. It took me extra time to find what I was looking for, and I spent more time putting lots of stuff in the bin.

Have you realised that this can also happen in our lives? We put so much stuff in the drawer of our life, that when we need a specific thing we cannot find it easily.  We put so much unnecessary stuff in this drawer, that we could be much lighter if we made a clean sweep. What it happens is: we find it easier to leave everything for later, than deal with things that happen at the time they arise. For example: if someone did something you did not like, rather than talking about this, and saying that you did not like it, you might put this in the drawer. Or you might have a dream that you really want to accomplish, but your drawer is so messy that you cannot organise your plans and generate clarity to achieve your goal. That is why I can recommend to you: Tidy your drawer!!! Put in the bin everything that needs to be there, decide what need to be decided, organise your plans and projects so that you can make them happen as soon as possible. Do not leave the drawer of your life in a mess.

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