Week 12 – Today the day dawned grey

Sometimes the day dawns grey, and the first thing we do when we get up on one of those days is to look through the window and say, “what a miserable day!” If you live in a place where you have the sun around for the whole year you might appreciate grey days, and the nostalgic taste of all that this type of weather brings; like the smooth wind, the cold air, the desire to stay at home all day doing nothing- probably watching TV and eating popcorn. Nevertheless, for those that live in a place like I do, where we have many grey days throughout the year, we do learn to appreciate the sun. What we do when we have sunny days is to make the most of them, and making the most means making sure that we will spend the day outside. We may take our dogs for a walk, take the kids to the park, or even call our friends and meet up somewhere just to contemplate the beautiful sunny day. We set  aside other commitments, like cleaning the house or anything else, just to spend time with our dear friend the sun.

This week I had the experience of making the most of a grey day. I took my dog for a long walk, and the weather was that typical English weather, cold and wet. However, I had a big smile on my face just observing my dog running in the rain happily, without worrying if it was sunny or grey, without worrying if she was dry or wet, without worrying if the park was busy with lots of other dogs or if she was only with me. I brought this experience into my day-to-day life- we do need to make the most of our grey days. Some days everything seems perfect in our lives, other days it seems that everything is falling apart, and we need to learn to appreciate both days. We need to learn to make the most of our difficult days, because it is on those days that we will appreciate the simple and important things in life, like walking in the rain without being afraid to get wet. Get wet!!! The taste of the rain is good, and do not forget- after every storm, the sun always shines!

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