Week 11 – The pain of waiting

To wait for something or someone can make us anxious. To wait for news can make us happy or sad, depending on what it is. The wait can be long or short, it often depends on the type of wait it is! Waiting can motivate us with the hope of having or seeing something or someone eagerly expected. This kind of wait can take our imagination far away, and lead us to dream. Pregnant women know it very well, because they have to wait almost 40 weeks just to see the dreamed-of face. Perhaps having to wait is not so bad- but there are times when it can be. To have to wait for your boyfriend to propose. To wait for that person to apologise to you. To wait for your boss to recognise your skills. Sometimes we wait for things that only God controls, though other people can help us bear it.

However, sometimes there are things in our life that we do not need to wait for. For example; you do not need to wait to say to the person right beside you that you love her/him. You do not need to wait to tell your friends and family that they are important in your life. You do not need to wait to visit someone that needs your presence, who might even be your neighbour. You do not need to wait for someone to come to you asking for forgiveness, try to forgive them now! Sometimes we suffer the pain of waiting without needing to.

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