Week 8 – Give a smile

Some people say “the best things in life are free”. I can agree to a certain extent, especially having in mind one of my favourite free things:  “smiling”. A smile can say a lot, can give a lot and can receive a lot! When you wake up in the morning and walk past a mirror before your morning shower, do you smile to yourself? Have you tried this before? I do it every day and I can tell you, this helps me a lot! It is my soul saying good morning to my outside world.

I try to give as many smiles as possible, followed by “hi”, “good morning” and so on. I know this is seems to be a small and common gesture, but lately I can see fewer and fewer people doing it. On my way to work the majority of people are either busily looking at their phones or reading. People don’t have time to smile- they are looking for things online and missing opportunities to find those things just beside them. A smile can start a conversation, give comfort, or give hope. You can try it today: give your smile to someone, and if you do not get anything back, don’t you worry- there is more pleasure in giving than receiving!

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