Week 7 – New chance every day

Some days we spend too much time thinking about our past, about the actions that we made that brought us here, to our present. I believe that the majority of people spend more time thinking about what they did not do than what they have done. This because what we have already done is done! We know where it led! We cannot change it. However, what we did not do can take us to a distant place called “our imagination”. The imagination gives us a chance to change our present state of mind with the help of this small word: “if”. If I had chosen a different course. If I did not get pregnant so young. If I had given my last relationship a chance. If I was less scared to try new things. If I was brave enough to explore new countries. If I could go back to my past I would do everything differently!

Would you really? Are you sure? Maybe not! Look at everything around you, and I am sure you will feel good after contemplating your achievements; perhaps your kids, your job, your family, your house, your little place or your big place, your car that sometimes does not start, but takes you to where you have to go when you need it.  The good thing about life is that every day is a brand new day. Therefore, you have new opportunities to change what you want to change and do what you want to do today and tomorrow and after tomorrow.  Our past stays behind and helps us to understand our present; our future is far off, but we can create it today with the new chances that life gives us. So enjoy your present, and make the most of your life with the chances that you receive every day!

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