Week 6 – How much do I need in my life?

Many years ago, one of the classical philosophers said: “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”(Socrates). It is interesting to think about this quote with our capitalist world in mind, where powerful words like ‘buy’ and ‘have’, dominate our lives- or, better put, dominate our brain. I believe that as time goes by, people will learn to appreciate the quality, and not the quantity, of what they have. I will start with a simple question, and hope you can answer it with honesty: with how many people on your Facebook friends list do you have a relationship, a real relationship? I know people that love to say “I have more than a thousand friends on Facebook!” Great! And? What does it mean? Another simple question: look inside your wardrobe, and tell me if you wear every piece of clothing that is in there? Please tell me the truth. I can say for myself, I do have a lot of clothes that I probably never wore. And there are lots of people on my Facebook friends list with whom I don’t have the true relationship which can be called friendship! I think the best way to change our attitude towards to this quantity-based status, is to start questioning small things around us. For example: “Do I really need to buy this? Am I spending time with people that matter to me? Can I give away some of the stuff that I am not using? Can I offer my time to help someone?” Look at the quality of what is around you and not the quantity, and you may gain the capacity to enjoy more with less!

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