Week 5 – Love what you have

How many times do we complain about not having what we want? Girls will often understand it better: perhaps you are about to go out, and out comes that famous phrase: “I don’t have anything to wear!” Well, this happens all the time, with a lot of people.

It is interesting to think about how the human brain acts when it wants to forget something, sometimes purposely, and sometimes just naturally. This mechanism can change our perception regarding what we have. Basically, we cannot remember all that is around us. So we tend to focus only on things that we don’t have. We look around us and only see the things we desire to have. We see our friends and family having those things we want, and instead of being happy for them, we develop inside us an irritated feeling that can be called frustration or jealousy. This happens when you don’t appreciate what you have. Where is your focus? What comes first in your head when you wake up every morning? I believe like many people, you wake up thinking about your day ahead, bills to pay, the job that you probably don’t like so much, kids to school, dinner to cook, house to clean and so on. And among all these responsibilities you forget to take a moment to appreciate what you have and be thankful for everything in your life. I invite you to change this perception. I invite you to shift your focus by just making a list of all you have, remembering each achievement and considering how you managed to have each thing. You will discover that you have a lot, and you will learn to love what you have.

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