Week 4 – Be happy with yourself

Many times I have found myself thinking how different my life would be if I was taller than I am. I love sports, so perhaps I would have tried to be a basketball player or volleyball player. Or if I had the talent to be a chef, because I love cooking- maybe I could be working in a restaurant. Because I think a lot, what sometimes happens is that I get lost between these “IFs” and end up not being so happy with what I am. I am learning to observe everything I do and slowly getting to know more about my talents. As a result, I am becoming more appreciative of myself, because I can identify my achievements. I believe I am not the only one to think like this. Life is good and perfect; we are here in this world to be happy, and part of that is to be happy with ourselves. We cannot expect other people or material things to bring us happiness- do you know why? Because our happiness comes from inside us, and we are the only ones who can manage it- no one else can. So next time you find yourself feeling down, remember: you are the administrator of your happiness. Learn to appreciate your achievements.

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