Week 3 – Love your Perfection

In my opinion, one of the most important things in life is to understand who you are. When you get to know yourself, life becomes easier to face. This is because you know your values and principles, you know what makes you happy or sad, and you know your limits, even if limits do not exist for some people. However, lately I see many people so busy living other people’s lives that they are forgetting their own life. They sometimes pretend to be someone very different just to please others, or have the illusion that their lives need to conform to what other people dictate. I know that we are living in an internet world where the speed of social media helps us to have access to what everyone else is doing, and this is when we need to focus and learn again to appreciate who we really are. Our perfection consists of understanding that we are complete within ourselves and that our beauty comes from inside and overflows into our outside image. Therefore, feel your perfection every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Life is the biggest gift you could get, and because of this you should not fight with yourself. Instead, be your own best friend, and enjoy your days loving your perfection.

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